Jul 30
Still Alive
icon1 CYBER_Aeon | icon2 Development | icon4 07 30th, 2008| icon36 Comments »

Alright, gentlemen. Things have been quite busy, but I haven’t forgotten about this project. I’m working on Release 3, but it’s time for community input. What would the chess-playing community out there like to see in ChessNET DS?

Post your ideas as comments to this newspost, so they’re easy for me to find. (I get too much spam email to use my email account for this)

Also, I have new artwork from Akoi Meexx that i’ve been sitting on (Sorry, Akoi!) that i’m going to try to work into the next version. I’m hoping to redesign the engine to handle ’skinning’, so people can customize the artwork however they wish.

Apr 13
Small update.
icon1 CYBER_Aeon | icon2 Development | icon4 04 13th, 2008| icon31 Comment »

You may have noticed a small change on the servers today. I tweaked the listing order of ‘My Games’ and ‘Find Opponents’ to always display by the most recent updates. So under the games list, it’ll display the most recently updated games first, and less active games will sink to the bottom. For opponents, it’ll display the players who have logged in the most recently on down.

Down the road I plan on changing this system. Games will be sorted by what is awaiting moves, and Opponents will be sorted by actual activity, not recent logins.

Apr 10
Release 2 is now public.
icon1 CYBER_Aeon | icon2 Development | icon4 04 10th, 2008| icon33 Comments »

Alright everybody. Here’s the somewhat-long-awaited Release 2. There’s still plenty of room for improvement down the road, but I think you’ll all be quite pleased with the new designs and bugfixes.

Sadly, because of the massive amount of data structure and protocol changes, the game server has to be reset. But thanks to the new configuration, this should be the last time that ever has to happen. From now on, an upgrade will merely require you to download a new copy of the ChessNET client.

This update will also reset any local games you were playing. Finish them first if you don’t want to lose them.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the download section and grab the newest release!

[ Get the newest release of ChessNET! | Download Here ]

Apr 7
icon1 CYBER_Aeon | icon2 Development | icon4 04 7th, 2008| icon3Comments Off

New victory screens! Now when you complete a game, the screen doesn’t go all weird. Modified versions show ‘You Won!’ or ‘You Lost!’ for online games.

White Wins! Black Wins! Game Draw!

Apr 4
I love this community.
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I just got off work and checked my email. Found an email from Robert Reynolds (Cabbage), with this beautiful title screen design. I’ve already got it loaded into the engine for the next release, and it looks wonderful. Thanks, Robert!

New Title Screen

And while i’m at it, How about a quick update on the status?

  • Added En Passant support.
  • Added 50 move rule support.
  • Added a status screen while downloading a game.
  • Added the About menu.
Apr 3

Alright, it’s time ChessNET got a proper title screen with a logo and everything. I’ve dabbled with a few fonts and things in Photoshop, and all i’ve established is that I suck with Photoshop. So, If anybody has some time and wants to be a part of this project, see what you can whip up. Attached below is the current title screen i’m using. I don’t want anything from the image removed, but you can overlap everything except the bottom row of boxes. (Why? Because text shows up there, silly)

Email your work to cyber_aeon@hotmail.com, along with how you’d like to be credited.

Here’s the image. The border is only for display on the blog, it’s not part of the image. Here’s the rules: Nothing too tacky or over the top. ChessNET maintains a very clean and sober interface. Final result can be in any format, but it’ll be converted back to BMP for the project. Palette cannot exceed 256 colors. I’d prefer if the logo appeared near the top of the screen. All it needs to say is ‘ChessNET’ or maybe ‘ChessNET DS’. Version is display at the bottom automatically.

ChessNET Title Screen

Apr 2
ChessNET - Now 100% less homeless!
icon1 CYBER_Aeon | icon2 Development | icon4 04 2nd, 2008| icon3Comments Off

Bookmark this page immediately!

Welcome to the new home of the ChessNET DS Project. This website will be your number one source for all ChessNET related news.

And for those of you who are curious, ChessNET is still under development and coming along nicely. Nearly all of the Release 1 glitches have been fixed, and many missing features have been added.

Here’s a little list of improvements that have occured so far:

  • New ROM Icon. It looks swanky. :>
  • Fixed a huge buffer error in the way ChessNET retrieved it’s data.
  • Added account handles and passwords.
  • Fixed Checkmate detection. (No more victory on check!)
  • Added Castling support.

I expect to have En Passant and the 50 move rule in within a few days. I’ve been fighting the new server version a little too. But keep your eyes on this page, there will be more news soon.