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How To Play 

:: Create A Mech
Choose a platform and build your mech from the ground up with a massive variety of weapons and components.  There are hundreds of combinations possible, and every factor can affect the outcome of a battle.  Fast mechs can run circles around slower mechs, gaining natural evasion bonuses.  Heavy weapons can provide an extremly lethal punch, but a lot of weight will slow you down.  Long range weapons allow your mech to engage from a safer distance, and forces the shorter range make to chase you down.

:: Hire a Pilot
Pilots are an extremely important requirement for any mech to operate. You must hire a pilot and train them with skills, then assign them to a mech. In missions and in battle, the pilots skills and attributes will play an integral role in deciding how combat plays out.  A pilots style will determine how defensive or offensive the mech is, as well as the base reaction speed, base evasion and much more.  A pilot should be choosen based on how well he compliments the mech he/she is intended to operate, and should also be trained in skills to increase it's effectiveness.  

:: Complete Missions
Dispatch your newly designed mechs on combat missions to gain cash and experience for building your crew.  Missions are an excellant way to generate spending cash, and they provide a solid enviroment for testing out your new weapons of destruction and clever strategies.

:: Battle in the Arena
Send your mechs into the Arena to earn cash and climb the ranks. No mech is safe, no matter how well built. Remember, Armored Tactics isn't an action game, it's a strategy game - Design and build the best machine possible.

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