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Intrinsic Details

Gain Notice: You feel like a change.
Lose Notice: You feel fixed.
Found on Artifacts: Yes.
Survive Polymorph: No.
Survive Unpolymorph: No.
Clear on Death: No.
Clear on Polymorph: No.
Maximum Duration: None.

Intrinsic Purpose

The avatar or monster will occasionally polymorph (1 in 300 chance per turn). If they also have Polymorph Control, they will be able to choose what they turn into (including their original form), otherwise it will be a random monster. Once polymorphed, the creature also has a 1 in 1000 chance per turn of reverting to their original form. Typically, polymorph control isn't too useful because once you have killed a monster (meaning you can now choose to polymorph into it if you have polymorph control), you are typically stronger than that monster, and though it may feel fun, the lack of experience gained from the time isn't worth it, and if you choose to remain in that form, you typically have to work more in order to get back to your former level of strength.

Granted, there are certain intrinsics gained by polymorphing into other monsters that could outweigh the downsides.

Gaining the Intrinsic

This intrinsic can be gained from eating certain corpses Chameleon, or by wearing a Ring of Polymorph.

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